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Tomás A. Gahan

Tomás grew up in Madrid, Spain, and moved to Washington in 1991. He graduated with a B.A. in English and Philosophy from Seattle University, magna cum laude. He earned his law degree at the Notre Dame Law School and completed his second year at Notre Dame Law in London, where he studied common law and observed trials at the storied Old Bailey courthouse. 

From law school, Tomás joined the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, where he served for 11 years. As a senior deputy prosecutor, Tomás tried nearly one hundred cases, included scores of high profile domestic violence, sexual assault and gang cases. Tomás dedicated much of his career to serving King County’s most vulnerable and marginalized victims of violent crimes, and earned a reputation for successfully taking some of the toughest cases to trial.  He has trained lawyers, interpreters, advocates and community leaders statewide and internationally on various aspects of trial work, victimology, cultural issues and working with undocumented persons.

Joining PWRFL in 2013 meant Tomás could continue his passion for representing severely injured and victimized people, but now in the civil context.  To that end, he has continued to take tough cases to trial, including the case against Bellevue’s notorious Munchbar nightclub, where the jury awarded over $3 million to the decedent’s estate and family.  Tomás’ tireless work has also secured substantial settlements for personal injury plaintiffs, victims of civil rights abuses, and malpracticed patients.  In 2017, Tomás and PWRFL lawyer Felix Luna obtained the first plaintiff's jury verdict in Yakima County in 25 years in a medical malpractice case:  the jury awarded over $1.2 million for a botched spine surgery.

When he's not in the courtroom, Tomás coaches soccer, cooks, draws, and plays with his family.  He lives in Wedgwood with his wife, an ER nurse, and their four children.

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