City of Seattle to pay $195,000 to woman punched by police officer while handcuffed.

Officer Adley Shepherd punched 23-year-old Miyekko Durden-Bosley while she sat handcuffed in the back-seat of his patrol car.   The blow shattered her orbital bone and left her concussed.

 Officer Shepherd’s attorney defended his conduct in the media, and claimed that it was an appropriate response because Ms. Durden-Bosley was intoxicated and had kicked at him before he punched her. 

PWRFL represented Ms. Durden-Bosley against Officer Shepherd and the City of Seattle, securing a $195,000 settlement for her pain and suffering.  

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Hear one of the PWRFL attorneys who represented Ms. Durden-Bosley debate the merits of the case with KIRO Radio talk show host Dori Munson here.