Workers injured on the job are entitled to worker compensation benefits which pay for medical expenses, a portion of the worker’s lost earnings, and possibly a modest lump sum for permanent disability.

Unfortunately, the worker’s compensation system never fully compensates a worker for injuries. For example, there is never any payment for pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of life.

To maximize a worker’s recovery of damages, it is important to determine whether a contractor, general contractor or equipment manufacturer (other than the injured worker’s employer) was at fault and contributed to the injuries sustained. When this happens, it may be appropriate to bring what is called a “third party” action. Any attorney handling a workplace third party injury accident must understand the myriad safety rules and regulations which govern the modern construction site, the roles and responsibilities of the general contractor, of the site owner, and of other subcontractors. The attorney must know how to promptly investigate and prepare the third party construction site injury case to maximize the injured worker’s chance to receive fair and full compensation. Members of our firm have successfully represented injured construction workers from a wide array of trades over the years, enabling these workers to rebuild their lives while assisting their fellow workers by helping to correct workplace hazards.