Jury Returns $150 Million Verdict against companies involved in 2019 South Lake Union Tower Crane Collapse.

On April 29, 2019, PWRFL’s clients, Ali Edriss and Sally Beaven, were driving down Mercer St., going about their respective days, when suddenly the sky seemed to fall down on top of them.

Unbeknownst to those on the ground, teams from Northwest Tower Crane (NWTC) and Omega Morgan Sarens were disassembling a tower crane that stood at the center of Google’s new South Lake Union campus when the crane collapsed onto the bustling street below.

PWRFL attorneys Mike Wampold and Ann Rosato maintained that negligence on behalf of the teams disassembling the crane led to the collapse. Ironworkers from NWTC, working ahead of protocol, had unpinned nearly all sections of the tower crane, and the team operating the mobile crane from Omega Morgan Sarens had ignored weather reports calling for 20+ MPH gusts of wind throughout the day that should have warranted postponing the disassembly. The combination of these negligent actions meant that the crane was held upright by only its own weight when a 25+ MPH gust of wind hit, causing the crane to buckle and collapse onto the street below, killing four people and injuring others as crane parts and debris rained down.

PWRFL’s clients, Mr. Edriss, an international student and Uber driver, and Ms. Beaven, a long-time Seattle resident and social worker, were injured as a result of the collapse. Mr. Edriss’ car was struck by a falling section of the tower crane, and the left side of his body was pinned under the section causing permanent injury to his neck, thigh and hip. Ms. Beaven was traveling home when debris rained down upon her and struck her car. Both continue to deal with the physical and emotional injuries caused by the collapse.

While NWTC admitted some responsibility and subsequently changed its practices in response to this tragedy, Omega Morgan Sarens consistently denied blame. On March 24, 2022 a King County jury agreed with Plaintiffs and held that Omega Morgan Sarens and Northwest Tower Crane were predominantly responsible for the tower crane collapse.


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